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Why You Already Quit Your 2020 Resolutions & What You Can Do Instead

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Want to know why you already quit your 2020 resolutions?

January is finally coming to an end – who else thinks that was the longest month ever? Not complaining I would rather time go slowly.

Who here has stuck to their New Year Resolutions? Good for you.
For those that haven’t keep reading.

I was listening to Abraham Hicks this morning, and had an AHA moment. Something she said struck a chord, and it all makes sense now. It wasn’t anything new I heard, just something that has finally clicked. [Video is embedded at the bottom of this post].

She mentioned how when people want to quit something or get rid of something in their lives to improve their lifestyle they make ONE HUGE mistake that guarantees failure before you even try.


That’s it. You sit there are say, “I am going to get rid of this in my life. I am going to quit smoking. I am going to lose 10 lbs. I am going to stop procrastinating.” etc. etc.

What are you supposed to do instead? You need to focus on what you want for you & your lifestyle, rather then the things you don’t want to show up in your life anymore.

Instead Of Telling Yourself:

  • “I am going to quit smoking this year!” Say instead, “I am going to breathe easier this year.”
  • “I am going to lose 10lbs in the next couple of months.” Try, “I am healthy, and fit. I enjoy working out, and eating healthy.” Envision your body the way you want it to look. Envision running up the stairs without running out of breath.
  • “I am going to stop procrastinating.” Say, “I enjoy getting things done and checking them off my list.” Envision yourself working, and checking things off your list.”

I hope this resonates with you on some level.
If you need help with a resolution you quit, let me know, and I will brainstorm with you the things you can do, say, and visualize to help you change your state of mind around it.

Focus on what you do want, NOT what you don’t want!

In the meantime, I am going to be focusing on images of Hawaii in my head. I am envisioning being there, and checking it off my bucket list.


You don’t need a new year to change your state of mind around something. You don’t even need a new month. Any moment of any time is the perfect time to strive to become the person you want to become. The only thing preventing it from happening is YOU!

What is something in your life that you would like to change? Comment below.

Abraham Hicks – Tune to the Place Where Everything is Taken Care Of

Love & Light, XOXO

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